Many women or couples hope to start a family one day but they may not be ready to do so right away. Between schooling, careers and travel, it’s not always the best time for expanding your family but you want to ensure that when the time comes, you can!

Fertility preservation is the process of saving eggs, sperm or reproductive tissue to be used for future conception. For women, the process involves medication to induce ovulation followed by a procedure to retrieve their eggs and or reproductive tissue. After the procedure, your eggs are evaluated for their health before being preserved using a freezing technique. For some, they may want to preserve fertilized eggs so a partner or sperm donor will be needed to create an embryo which will then be monitored and frozen for later use.

The option to preserve your fertility is not for everyone but for those that want to ensure they will have the ability to try to conceive in the future, it’s wonderful! For more information about fertility preservation at UNC Fertility, visit our fertility preservation page! If you are interested in setting up an appointment to discuss your fertility preservation options, call our Raleigh office at 919-908-000 or contact us online today!