The New Year brings new year health and fitness goals. If your New Year goals also include trying to conceive or just boosting your overall fertility, we have a few tips for you. 

While some fertility issues can’t be changed simply through diet and exercise, many can at least be improved. If your fertility issues stem from – or are related to – weight problems, losing weight may significantly improve your chances of conceiving. Here are 3 tips to incorporate into your New Year fitness and fertility plan:

    1. Start small: Studies show that between 1 and 5 hours of moderate exercise per week improves your overall fertility! Some ideas for getting started:
        • Brisk walking
        • Bike riding
        • Hiking
        • Dancing
    2. Find a friend to join: Starting a regular workout schedule can be tough on your own. You start out strong and then sometimes lose motivation – it happens to all of us! Get your partner or a friend on board to join you! You can go for a daily walk together or meet up after work for a hike. Having someone to do it with makes it more enjoyable and helps keep you motivated!
    3. Try different workouts: Not only is it great for your overall health to have a varied exercise regimen, it’s also a great way to find different types of exercises that you may enjoy! Not everyone likes running and that’s just fine! Find something you enjoy as it can be a real mood booster. (Bonus: exercise you enjoy can really improve your mental health while also reducing stress. Two things that are great for trying to conceive!)

If you are hoping to get pregnant this year and feel it’s time to see a fertility specialist, call our Raleigh office at 919-908-000 or contact us online today!