UNC Fertility is proud to offer individuals and couples the opportunity to participate in our ongoing clinical trials. Clinical trials change often so please check in frequently to see if there a study you may be eligible for.

Current trials: Pre-IVF Treatment with a GnRH Antagonist in Women with Endometriosis (PREGnant)

Recruitment is now open for the PREGnant trial at UNC Fertility. The study is for women ages 18-40 with a current diagnosis of endometriosis.

The goal of the study is to improve IVF success/live-birth rates in patients with endometriosis by pre-treating with a GnRH antagonist (Elagolix/Orlissa). Additionally, the study proposes that disease biomarkers found in the blood will identify women who will benefit most from this pre-treatment, allowing a more precise approach to treating endometriosis-related infertility.

Subjects must be ages 18-40 and have a diagnosis of endometriosis, as well as be currently undergoing or considering IVF. Other exclusion criteria for participation may apply.  Contact our Research Coordinator, Tifani, at Tifani_Panek@med.unc.edu, or 773-706-4202 for more information.

Full details of the PREGnant trial can be viewed here: PREGnant Trial Details