Thanks to President Reagan in 1988, October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Many feel alone after suffering a loss but unfortunately, as many as 1 in 3 pregnancies ends in loss. UNC Fertility wants to bring awareness to all types of infant losses, whether it was a miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or death of a newborn.


This October, we hope that you will consider bringing awareness to your community. Help us show that even though many don’t talk about it openly, you are not alone. Check out these ideas:


  • Release butterflies or doves in honor of your loss and the loss of others.
  • Light candles at home or at church.
  • Participate in community events for pregnancy/infant loss awareness. (Find an event near you.)
  • Volunteer your time in the community in honor of your baby.
  • Speak out for more funding for SIDS research.
  • Share facts on social media using hashtags such as #PregnancyAndInfantLossRemembrance.
  • Contribute to online support groups.


According to, the loss of a pregnancy or infant is the most intense cause of grief. Though you may never “get over” the loss, time will help. “Raising awareness is the first step to accessing available help.” So please take time to raise awareness this month, especially if you or someone you know has suffered a loss.


If you have suffered multiple miscarriages, UNC Fertility would like to help you expand your family. Contact us today for compassionate care.