The holidays are a time for visiting family, creating memories and, of course, enjoying great food! But can the long distance travel associated with the holidays put a wrench in your plans if you are undergoing fertility treatments? Find out as Dr. Anne Steiner breaks down what you need to know before packing your bags and hitting the road – or flying the friendly skies – this December.

Tip 1 Before traveling know cycle timeline— Confirm with your clinical team when your medication begins and how long you need to continue taking your medicines.

Tip 2 Preparing medication/amount of medication needed— Travel with extra, just in case you have flight delays or bad weather.

Tip 3 Prepare a list of all of your important numbers—Make a contact sheet of information of your pharmacy and a practice that will be nearby as well as emergency contact of your practice.

Tip 4 Check airline’s website for information about travel requirements for medication. Find out the amount allowed in carry-on.

Tip 5 Packing various meds— Keep all of your medications together in your carryon luggage.

Tip 6 How to handle medication that needs to be refrigerated—Read medication labels! Some medications can go hours at room temperature. If you’ll be traveling for an extended period of time.

Tip 7 Pack medications in carry-on luggage? We suggest carrying them on to avoid losing luggage. Ask our office about notes to travel with needles/syringes.

Tip 8 Be prepared- pack extra alcohol swabs and bandages.

Tip 9 Disposing of used syringes- We suggest you seal them in a sharps container—or even a water bottle—and throw them away.

Tip 10 How to deal with time differences— Bring schedule of medication to stay on track. Pick a time! Try to take your medication within one hour on each end of your chosen time.
For more information about traveling with your fertility medication or to chat with one of our experts, call 919-908-0000. Happy holidays!