Did the holidays supercharge your desire to start or expand your family? UNC Fertility understands that the new year brings many resolutions, and we are here to help if one of those resolutions is to get pregnant.


  • Maintain a healthy weight. Being over or under weight can hinder your chances of becoming pregnant. Use a BMI calculator to find your optimal weight. Then be sure to exercise and eat healthy to stay in your ideal range.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking isn’t great for sperm production; even second-hand smoke can affect you. So you and your partner should resolve to quit if you see a baby in your future.
  • Lower alcohol and caffeine consumption. Alcohol and caffeine are trickier subjects, but if you can lower your intake, it could increase your chances of getting pregnant quicker.
  • Easier said than done, but stress isn’t good for your body–ever! Consider yoga, mediation, or massage to help lower anxiety levels when trying to conceive, and once you do get pregnant.
  • Take your vitamins. Taking a prenatal vitamin and folic acid will help you birth a healthy child.
  • Get help! If you have been unsuccessful after trying for over a year, see a reproductive specialist at UNC Fertility in Raleigh for an infertility consultation.


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