It’s Summertime and you have big plans for traveling – but you’re also in the middle of fertility treatment. Should you just cancel your plans and stay close to home? Absolutely not! Fertility treatment should not get in the way of enjoying the Summer months and trips you’ve been dreaming of!

If you’re hoping to make a trip this Summer and don’t want to delay your current treatment plan, here are some tips for travel along with some information you should be prepared with!

  1. Talk with your fertility specialist! Your fertility specialist is an expert in fertility treatment – obviously! So have a chat with them. Let your doctor know what your travel plans are so that you can create a plan together for keeping up with your treatment while you are away. Your fertility doctor will help ease any stress or concerns you may have about traveling and being able to administer any medications.
    • Ask your doc exactly how you should store your meds. (Your pharmacist may have some great tips for this as well!) During travel you will want to account for any medications that need to remain refrigerated. You may need to prepare a cooler and ice packs ahead of time.
  2. Check your time zones. If you are traveling to a different time zone and have a set schedule for when you need to take or administer medications, make sure you account for the time change! Use your phone – set alarms and reminders for taking your medications so you don’t miss a beat.
  3. Call your airline! This is a big one (if you are flying)! All airlines tend to have their own set of rules and policies in regards to medical supplies. You can of course travel with medications and supplies but each airline will have their own rules about how you can travel with your items. Talking to your airline in advance will save you a lot of time and stress on your day of travel!
  4. Look up TSA regulations. Ahhh TSA! So helpful and yet so stressful! They also have their own rules and policies regarding traveling with medications so check out their latest regulations! They even have a video for travelers so that you know what to expect when going through security with your fertility medications! 
  5. Contact a pharmacy. If you will need a prescription refilled during your travel, make sure you arrange for that at your final destination or before you leave when possible. You don’t want to be searching around for a way to do this when you get to your destination.

If you are planning a trip and have questions about medication and treatment, reach out to a specialist! Contact UNC Fertility Clinic today!