For the 1 in 8 couples who struggle with infertility, Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday. Watching others receive handmade gifts and cards from their children when you are struggling to have children of your own can be especially painful. But while every mother deserves her day to shine, it’s important that those still on the path to parenthood take the time to look after themselves during these emotional holidays. To help you get through this Mother’s Day, the fertility experts at UNC Fertility Clinic in Raleigh, NC are here to give you seven tips on handling the day when you’re trying to conceive.

  1. Avoid the Crowds

Avoid the bottomless brunches, color me mine stores, and anywhere else where families gather for Mother’s Day celebrations. When you’re struggling with infertility, seeing happy families celebrating Mother’s Day can be triggering – so feel free to avoid those places if you’re feeling a little raw.

  1. Steer Clear of Social Media

When you’re trying to conceive, social media sites can be littered with emotional landmines. While you’re happy for them, seeing photo after photo of the people in your life celebrating being a mother when it’s been so difficult for you can be like rubbing salt in the wound. Take a break from social media for a few days, or try to snooze the social media profiles of parents you know for a short time.

  1. Don’t Hold In Your Feelings

Sometimes you just need to let out the sadness and frustration. Remember that your feelings are valid, so give yourself permission to feel however you need to feel. If you need to, have a good cry – it can be therapeutic.

  1. Practice Some Self Care

When you’re dealing with infertility, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. This Mother’s Day, take some time to practice self care. Get a massage, curl up with a good book, or take a long and relaxing bath. You deserve a little “me” time.

  1. Treat Yourself

When was the last time you treated yourself to something you really wanted? Chances are it’s been a while. This Mother’s Day, try to treat yourself. Pick out something you’ve been eyeing for a while – big or small – and get it for yourself guilt free. You deserve it!

  1. Plan a Mini-Getaway

Sometimes a weekend getaway or even a staycation is just what you need to reset and recharge. Spend the weekend visiting a nearby town or staying at a hotel in your own city. Take the time to be a tourist and bond with your partner, trying things you’ve never done together before. It can help bring you two closer and help keep your mind off of your infertility struggles.

  1. Break a Sweat

Whether you like yoga, going for a run, or lifting weights, exercising is a great way to improve your health and your mood. The endorphins naturally released during exercise can help with any negative feelings and clearing your mind.

Everyone deals with Mother’s Day in their own way, but whatever you choose to do, remember that taking care of yourself during this difficult time is crucial. If you want more information on ways to deal with Mother’s Day when you’re struggling with infertility, or if you have been trying to conceive without success, contact us today at 919-908-0000.