Treatment Options

Depending on your type of cancer and treatment plans, several options for fertility preservation may be available to you at UNC Fertility.  A brief description of these choices is listed below.  For complete details, please schedule an appointment with one of our Reproductive Endocrinologists, who can review all of these options in more detail.  Also, please refer to the Fertile Hope website for more information regarding treatment options for women and for men.  Note that often, fertility preservations treatments are not covered by insurance -- you can learn more about the costs when you meet with the Reproductive Endocrinologist or you can contact us or call our financial counselor at any time (919-908-0000).

Options for Women Prior to Chemotherapy or Radiation

Options for Women During Chemotherapy or Radiation

Options for Women After Chemotherapy or Radiation

Options for Men Prior to Chemotherapy or Radiation

Options for Men After Chemotherapy or Radiation