When dealing with infertility, many couples experience stress and frustration associated with not only the physical effects of treatment, but also the financial fallout. While many patients have health insurance, the majority of insurance plans don’t cover the full cost of fertility treatment. This often leaves patients wondering how they’ll cover the cost of building their families – especially if they have limited savings.

So how can patients make fertility treatment more affordable? The fertility experts of UNC Fertility offer a few options to patients looking for ways to decrease their cost of treatment and afford what they’re liable for.


Unfortunately, insurance plans that cover the full cost of fertility treatments are the exception, not the rule. While most plans won’t cover medications or procedures, the majority do cover some procedures used to diagnose infertility (such as blood tests, semen analysis, and consultations). We encourage all patients to contact their insurance provider to determine what is and isn’t covered in order to minimize their out of pocket costs.

Financing Programs

A variety of financing options and fertility loans are available for patients who need help covering the cost of fertility treatment. Many of these programs offer low-interest (and sometimes no-interest) financing to patients, covering anything from fertility medications to procedures that are needed to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy. At UNC Fertility, we have multiple financing partners that can help you afford fertility treatment. Additionally, RESOLVE offers a list of additional financing programs and services that are designed to help patients pay for fertility treatment.

Multi-Cycle Discount & Refund Programs

For patients undergoing IVF, more than one cycle will often be needed in order to achieve a successful pregnancy. To help patients improve their chances of success while minimizing the cost, UNC Fertility offers patients multi-cycle discount programs through Attain IVF. These programs offer a reduced, set cost for two or more cycles of IVF, as well as up to 100% refund if you don’t bring home a baby.

Grants & Scholarships

The national infertility organization, RESOLVE, offers information on a variety of nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance to patients struggling to afford fertility treatment. While usually not covering the full cost of treatment, many of these grants can help reduce the cost to patients by thousands of dollars.

Whether you pay for your fertility treatment through your insurance plan, using discount and grant programs, financing, or a mix of all of the above, the fertility specialists of UNC Fertility have a team of financial counselors available to help all patients figure out the best way to make fertility treatment more affordable. If you are struggling with infertility and would like additional information on how to make your treatment more affordable, contact us at 919-908-0000.