It’s a new year and that means new year goals! If getting pregnant and starting a family (or growing your family) is one of your goals this year, then your fertility health should be a top priority!

For healthy couples, 80% will be able to conceive within the first 6 months and 85% within the first 12 months. For other couples, it may be a little more difficult. Here are 5 New Year goals for optimizing your fertility health to help your chances of getting pregnant:

  • Track your cycle this year (if you aren’t already)! Whether you’re regular each month or a little off, it’s a good practice to track your cycle and have an idea of how your body changes and feels throughout the month. Being aware of changes in your body can alert you to fertile windows as well as when something doesn’t seem quite right.
  • Try to reach a healthy weight. Weight directly correlates to your menstrual cycle so if you are underweight or overweight, it may be a cause of unusual periods. Regulating your weight may help to get your cycle on track.
  • Limit caffeine consumption. Some studies show that overdoing it with caffeine may be detrimental if you are TTC. So, if you’re drinking several cups of coffee every day, it’s time to put that cup of joe down!
  • Reduce your stress. We know, we know – easier said than done! Stress leads to higher levels of cortisol that can actually make it harder for you to conceive. If you have a lot of stress in your life, try cutting back a bit. Find something that calms you like yoga, walking or just spending time with friends more regularly.
  • Eat healthier. There are plenty of fad diets out there that promise better fertility health. There’s no magical fruit that will do this but it is a good idea to make healthy choices when it comes to your meals. There is plenty of evidence that healthier eating equals higher chances of achieving pregnancy. We’re not saying you have to cut out all of your favorite foods – that’s tough for everyone! Aim for an 80/20 rule. Make healthier food choices 80% of the time so you can really enjoy those treats without the guilt the other 20%!

If you have been trying to conceive without success for over a year, it may be time to visit a fertility specialist. Contact UNC Fertility today to learn more about fertility consultations!