Many women who have experienced loss and infertility are dreading this Sunday. It’s Mother’s Day and to those of us whose deepest desire to become a mother feels out of reach, it’s a constant, in-your-face reminder of what we want most but don’t have. People will be sharing their love for their children all over social media. The stores will be plastered with bouquets, balloons and gift ideas. And everywhere you look, it feels as though you see a mom and her little ones.


So here’s our advice for coping this Mother’s Day because we’ve been there and know the deep ache you may also be feeling:

  1. Give yourself grace: What you’re dealing with is hard enough – so take it easy on yourself. What you’re going through is not your fault and you have to take care of your mental health.
  2. Take a break: Sign off of social media for the weekend – and even the following Monday. Social media can cause so much pain on Mother’s day so just cut the connection so you don’t have the constant reminder.
  3. Spend time with your loved ones: Spend as much time with the people that make you happiest. Whether that’s your significant other, your friends or your family they all want to love and support you.


If you think you may be experiencing fertility issues, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get checked. If you are someone who is looking to begin fertility treatment, contact the UNC Fertility specialists today!