For couples who have been trying to conceive without success, holidays revolving around children can be especially painful. When it comes to Halloween, seeing all of the cute little boys and girls trick-or-treating in their costumes can provide a difficult reminder of all the things those with infertility wish they could achieve. But not all Halloween festivities are kid-related – in fact, around half of the Halloween activities are geared towards adults only! Below are three adult-only options available for those who would like to celebrate Halloween without the reminder of their infertility.

Go To An Adults Only Halloween Party

Throw on a cute costume, grab your partner, and hit the town! There are a variety of adult-only Halloween parties going on in the triangle this year, from a Harry Potter themed bash to a haunted hotel. Try to avoid the daytime parades and parties geared towards families with small children – there are plenty of nighttime festivities for adults-only. To see the wide variety of parties offered in the Raleigh area, click here.

Watch Some Scary Movies

Whether at home or in the theater, scary movies are an integral part of Halloween. Queue up a movie marathon of Halloween favorites on Netflix and snuggle up with your partner on the couch with some treats. If you’d rather get out of the house, look up what’s playing at your local movie theater. Some theaters offer movie marathons of classic horror films, or you can catch a newly released horror movie. The chances of running into kiddos while at the movies on Halloween are slim!

Have Your Own Halloween Party

If you have other friends who don’t have kids yet, invite them all over for a fun night of scares, drinks, and treats at your place! Put on a spooky soundtrack, throw up some decorations, and bust out the themed cocktails to have a great time with your grown up friends. Feel free to invite your friends that have kids as well – they might welcome a grownup night away from the kids! Just make sure to note on the invite that the party is adults only.

Halloween can be hard when you’re trying to conceive, but you can still enjoy the holiday without surrounding yourself with tiny reminders of the children you long for. If you have been trying to conceive without success and want to learn more about the fertility treatment options available to you, contact us today at 919-908-0000 to speak with our team of fertility specialists.