The entire month of October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. It’s a big deal! In fact, aside from skin cancer, it’s the most common cancer diagnosed in females in the United States. Early diagnosis is so important for treatment and self examination is always recommended along with regular scans from your doctor.

Chances are, you know someone who has or had breast cancer at some point and you wanted to do everything you could to support them. It’s hard to know what to do for those dealing with something as serious as a breast cancer diagnosis but luckily, the National Breast Cancer Foundation has a calendar of events and plenty of tips for how you can support and get involved!

Here are 2 ways you can show support locally:

  1. Wear It Pink! UNC Fertility will be taking part in Wear It Pink day which takes place on October 27th this year! For Wear It Pink day, we encourage you to wear your pink in support of breast cancer patients and survivors!
  2. Make Strides! Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is holding a walk in Cary on the morning of October 28th. You can learn more about the walk or make a donation here!

If you are someone who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and want to know how you may be able to preserve your fertility, contact us at UNC Fertility today!