Many men who get a vasectomy do so thinking that they don’t want to have any children, or that their family is complete. But sometimes, circumstances change, and men who’ve had a vasectomy want to start or grow their family with a partner. While some may think this isn’t possible, there are options available to men who are trying to conceive post-Vasectomy. Below, Dr. Matthew Coward at UNC Fertility discusses the options available to men who want to have a child after having had a vasectomy.

Can You Conceive Post Vasectomy?

Just like women who have had their tubes tied, it is still possible for men to build a family post-Vasectomy. Depending on the man and his partner, there are two options available to them should they want to have a child: a vasectomy reversal and sperm retrieval with assisted reproduction. At our clinic, Dr. Matthew Coward can discuss the pros and cons of each approach and tailor a treatment path to your situation.

Vasectomy Reversals

According to Dr. Coward, there is a lot of false information on the internet about the success and/or failure rates of vasectomy reversals. Believe it or not, there is no vasectomy interval too long where a reversal is possible. According to Dr. Coward, “success is possible even after over twenty years with a vasectomy!” The only way to know your chances of potential success is to discuss it with a reproductive urologist. A successful vasectomy reversal can make it possible for you and your partner to conceive naturally, making it one of the more affordable options for patients.

Sperm Retrievals Post-Vasectomy

If for some reason a vasectomy reversal isn’t possible, it is still possible to have a child using assisted reproductive technologies. At UNC Fertility Clinic, we offer sperm retrieval in the office for patients with a history of vasectomy. According to Dr. Coward, in these instances, sperm retrieval is “almost uniformly successful and can be done in the office without the need of general anesthesia.” After retrieving the sperm, it can then be used in either an intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.

At UNC Fertility Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dr. Coward works alongside our fertility specialists to develop a treatment plan to help you have a child. At our clinic, our goal is always to give a couple the best chance to conceive naturally, and if that is not possible, develop a plan that may include assisted reproduction. If you are looking to create or grow your family after having a vasectomy, contact us today at 919-908-0000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Coward and our team of expert fertility specialists.