Application Process

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, there are a few easy steps:

  1. First, remember that we only accept non-smokers in the program.  Also, because IVF success rates decrease in overweight women, we only accept women who have a “body mass index” (BMI) that is less than 30.  Please click here to calculate your BMI.
  2. Please fill out this short donor questionnaire to determine if you meet the minimal qualifications to become a potential donor.  
  3. A nurse will contact you after our receipt of your completed questionnaire.  If you pass the initial screening process, you will then be given a link and instructions to fill out our long donor questionnaire form. You'll also have a visit with one of our doctors, nurses and psychologists.  During this visit, a physical exam, screening blood tests and cultures and psychological and genetic testing will be performed. This is done to make sure that you would be an appropriate donor for the recipient couple, and that the egg donation process would not be medically harmful to you.

*Your photograph is needed for physical attributes only and will not be shared with any potential or actual donor recipients.